Carlotta Centanni is an accomplished singer , songwriter and recording artist from Rome .Her voice has been described as sophisticated , powerful and smoother than silk.

She is the granddaughter of Armandino Zingone who performed with legendary Renato Carosone during ‘La Dolce Vita” the golden Age of Italian music. Carlotta has released two successful albums : Respiro in 2010 and Rome to the Land of Australia in 2017.

Carlotta launched her music career in Rome in 2001, and became quickly a popular fixture of the jazz scene with highly acclaimed shows at the popular La Palma jazz, and performances on Tv channels .

In 2008 Carlotta migrated to Australia and has performed across Sydney’s live music venues including The Basement, The Vanguard, 505 Venue, Foundry 616 ,Opera House , and many others.

 In 2016 Carlotta was commissioned by Dreamworks SKG to provide the singing voice for ‘ BRIDGET’ in the Italian release of the Hollywood smash hit movie “Trolls” .

Carlotta has been writing new songs and in June this year she will be recording her new single along with the music video , stay tuned .