The relentless grind of modern life on the precipice is reflected in this music.

Coast draws inspiration from Sydney’s coastline

Paul Derricott – Drums

Peter Koopman – Guitar 

Shannon Stitt – Keys

Michael Avgenicos – Sax

 Taking inspiration from mixtapes pieced together by Minimal Miggy, Godtet, Mecca 83 and more, Coast note that Skim attempts to emulate a love for grazing music interaction – a love that becomes more and more evident as the record progresses.

Beyond that, drummer and composer for COAST Paul Derricott has spent the past 12 months sharing stages with Charenee Wade, Vivian Sessoms and Aloe Blacc – their influence being critical to the writing process.

Grizzly, ominous and tense, The Speckle is the first single from Skim. Bearing a weighty, chambered feel within each changing segment, the track seems closer to a thriller film score than it does Coast’s previous efforts.

Moment by moment, the band successfully toy with new scales, weeping brass-sections and spacious guitars while tying it off with snap-jazz drum lines – resulting in a song that represents a tactful reimagining of Coast’s compositions.

As a follow-up to a fantastic, energetic and technically astounding album, Skim does more than continue Coast’s trend of bringing to life some of Australia’s finest, most intricately textured progressive jazz.

Skim represents a successful exploration into new compositional heights for Coast, proving that lightning can indeed strike twice in the same place. For anyone with an ear for instrumental music, complex and engaging drumming and beautiful saxophone-driven textures, this album will surely be a darling of the critics. 

“Every aspect of COAST embodies what “modern” jazz should represent.””

– Heavy Blog Is Heavy

“COAST continue their march toward legendary status with Skim. The energy and cohesion that is found within every composition make for an engaging and exciting listen that will enthral even the most jaded fan of jazz.”

– Everything Is Noise

“These Australian musicians on Paul Derricott’s latest recording represent the finest calibre of musicians playing improvised music today. The playing is excellent and creative and everyone pays close attention to the sound that they get from their instruments. I love the compositions and the Aussie flavor of all the players. “

– Sean Wayland

‘This is fresh modern music that is beautiful, energising, inventive, creative…beautifully played, thoughtfully conceived, interesting, funky and lyrical all at the same time. I highly recommend immersing yourself in this wonderful band that is immediately accessible and rewards repeat listening’

-Sandy Evans