opal ocean

Since the very beginning, every step that the duo of Alex Champ & Nadav Tabak have taken with their Prog/Acoustic Rock music as Opal Ocean, has been a massive leap forward in their evolution & career.  With their incredible dedication to their craft, Opal Ocean has managed to beat all of the odds, rising from what were once humble street buskers with big dreams, to playing stages found all over the world.

The momentum built quickly – it was only back in 2014 that Alex & Nadav chose to create Opal Ocean.  The following year, they’d go on to put out the Terra EP, containing their massive hit single “J.A.M.,” which put them on the map officially after going viral & racking up a remarkable thirty-million-plus hits.  In 2016, Opal Ocean released their first full-length record called Lost Fables to cheers of critical acclaim, solidifying their rightful place on playlists around the globe through their brilliantly expressive debut – and only two years later, they’d take their music further into Canada, Europe, & New Zealand, becoming featured at festivals, propelled by the giant buzz generated from their crowd-funded single “Mexicana.”

Proving the path they find themselves on today is the one they’ve always been meant to be on, the Australia-based duo are set to embark on the most exciting chapter of their career to-date with the release of their second full-length record, The Hadal Zone, in 2020.  

Stocked with a set-list of songs that reveals the spectacular dynamics of their style & sound through jaw-dropping musicianship & intricate ideas that put their immaculate skills & authentic creativity on display from the lefts to the rights – The Hadal Zone is complete confirmation that their professionalism & proficiency yield truly stunning results.  With the release of their title-track as the lead-single, in addition to the follow-up of “Polycephaly” featuring an assist from the legendary Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater, Opal Ocean have ensured that the excitement surrounding their music is fully justified by maximizing their own potential in a powerful lineup of ambitious songs that plays with the genuine X-factor of a pure sonic force to be reckoned with.

After performing in over fifteen countries and having sold tens of thousands of copies of their records throughout their career, Opal Ocean has already achieved an impressive resume of accomplishments, but never takes a single moment to rest on their laurels.  Always pushing themselves creatively and confidently to the next-level & beyond – join Alex & Nadav in 2020 as they break even more ground in the instrumental scene by transporting you into a whole world of sound on The Hadal Zone & continue to find compelling new ways to thrill their audience through insightfully expressive & exploratory sound.