Groove To The Sound of Civic Underground

Here’s the word about a World Class Live Music Venue at the Surry Hills end of the CBD

Civic Underground has a premium bespoke PA and world class natural sound

In the interests of a return to a good night out

Funk Sydney are booking entertainment @ Civic Underground

Now a very stylishly refurbished and superbly reequipped live music space

Civic Underground offers a very high quality sound experience

The designers and builders have created a space where stage and front of house sound is truly excellent

The result of a collaborative effort between people passionate about live music performances

In a space that delivers music through spacial, practical and technical excellence



Audio Design

Front of House


Bigger, punchier, newer version of the PA that was at The Basement

3 long deep bass bins push down to 15Hz giving the room a super deep feel

A row of 18” forward facing speakers under the stage

Roof mounted horns and tweeters give crystal clear sound

On Stage

Crystal Clear

Roof mounted monitors with an extra large monitor stack on the back wall

The sound engineers are the front of house guys from the Opera House and other very large entertainment arenas

:: Civic Underground Sound System ::

:: Design by Luke Everingham & Rod Bryant ::

:: Installed by Phil Rigger ::

:: Operated by David Grigg ::

Since Civic Underground reopened on September 24

The bands have really enjoyed the quality and accuracy of the sound

Audience members have been equally impressed by the sound quality

A music lovers paradise has emerged and some great people have played

Top bands are booked in to do shows through October and into November

Check out who is playing at Civic Underground here

Doors are open from 9pm till 4am on Fridays

“The venue audience restriction is currently 70

Who must not be dancing

Yelling ,cheering

Whistling or standing

Unless walking to & fro

They may chair dance

Seated and sparsely spaced  

Feeling the vibes

Grooving To The Sound Of Civic Underground