venue band bookings

Payment for bands and promoters is 80% of the door

Ticket prices are the bands/promoters decision

Venue audience capacity is currently limited to 300

The Sound Engineer and PA is supplied by Civic Underground

There is no backline except for Di boxes

Funk Sydney do band bookings, ticketing and band/promoter payments by OSKO Direct Payment

Payments are sent to your account on the next business day after your show. 

Online tickets and door sales are processed through Square 

We don’t take cash at the door

Square Reporting gives accurate reports for all sales

Funk Sydney share the venue fees with bands/promoters

Venue fees of $200 – $250 are deducted from the door takings prior to the split

You can buy meals from the bar till 10pm.

Live Streaming is available dependant on the availability of the film crew

Come & do a show at Civic Underground & experience the power & clarity of the PA

Support this unique & historic music space in the Sydney CBD